Hi! My name is Bobbi and I have been standing on the Shores of Avalon for some 20 years now. My vision of Shores of Avalon as a service-oriented business has gone through many transformations over the years, just like me. It’s only fitting that as it is birthed into the world in it’s highest form, thresholds and transitions are its beating heart.

I am a Woman, Priestess, Daughter, Mother, Gran, Aunt and Sister. My life, spiritual practice and business all share a woman-focused theme. It is here that I am called to serve. For too long we have labored (literally and figuratively) under the scrutinizing fluorescent lights and judgmental eyes of those who do not understand the mystery involved in the cycles of a woman’s life. I am here to flip the switch.

Oh, and along with the love and light which moves me… there’s also a fair amount of creative language in use. It’s all real here — all the time.

Step onto the moonlit path….

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