Bonds of the Heart

It’s all about you. Design the day you want.

Seriously, it’s your day. Be who you are in real life. You will treasure the day all the more for having been authentic. So be silly, be fun, or be serious. Be casual, be elegant or be dramatic. Be light, be intimate or be dark. Whatever your personalities inspire – be that! We’re here to make sure it’s written and performed the way you want.

We are thrilled to celebrate your love in any form it takes. Although we are certainly not traditional here at Shores of Avalon, we are happy to perform traditional ceremonies as well. We do love to think outside of the box, though. We honor all love including LGBTQ+, Poly and Straight. We are ordained and can perform and file any bonding that is legal in the State of Florida.

Weddings, Couplings, Handfastings, Commitment ceremonies, renewals and uncouplings

Bonds of the Heart