Inner Alchemy

Creating the life you want requires more than simply understanding who you are and what you desire. The path of inner alchemy is not easy. It takes resilience, patience, clarity, and a lot of fierce determination… along with a shit ton of work. Change is hard. Alchemy is even harder, but the journey towards the life that is waiting for you is worth every ounce of it. Below, you will find several offerings which will assist you on this journey. Choose one or choose many; any step towards authenticity is a step well-taken.

Learning Center

Click the button below to go to our learning center and see what Classes, workshops and seminars are currently available.

Coaching and Apprenticeship

Desire some 1:1 on inner transformation? I am currently taking students in a coaching capacity and applications will be available this summer for an apprenticeship opportunity.

Ceremonies, Rituals and Red Tent Temple Celebrations

I facilitate a number of rituals marking the milestones of women’s lives as well as Red Tent Temple celebrations and other rituals marking progress in your growth towards authenticity. Click the link to learn more!