Healing the Self

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Your life is a collection of thoughts, feelings and actions. Some are amazing. Others fall short. We make tons of choices every day about how we see, live, move, act and react to and in our world. Some of those are in alignment with our best and highest selves, others are not. Inevitably, we will repeat many of them with little to no regard as to which column they fall in. That is until we have the tools to recognize which ones serve us and which do not.

We all have wounds. We all stumble and fall, or epically face-plant in the middle of a busy intersection. (yeah, that’s been me a time or two!) We bleed, it scars over, and we carry on. Or do we? How many of those wounds still feel like festering reminders of a poor choice, a lack of self-worth, repeating destruction or self-sabotage?

Without the tools to recognize the wounds and truly treat them as part of the whole, you might as well slap a band-aid on a severed arm – that wound won’t heal.

This 2-day workshop will give you an introductory toolkit to healing those wounds… instead of simply covering them up. Better still, it will give you the knowledge to start on a journey of inner work that could give you that giant, blinking, neon sign when you’re about to head down an all-too-familiar, but totally destructive path. Learning to recognize a pattern Before it is put into action is totally attainable. And that, is the ultimate goal. Well, that and crossing the street without the epic face-plant.

What’s included

  • 12 hours of information, experience and immersion
  • Hands-on training with tools of the trade
  • Hand-crafted Healing Journal
  • Creative project that you get to take with you
  • Sisterhood and Community


April 17th and 18th. 9 am – 4 pm with a lunch break each day.
1701 S. Ridgewood Ave, #105, Edgewater, FL 32132

How to sign up

Cost is $185 per person.